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JZ600-D18-1Car bottom anti hiding robot

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Product overview
JZ600-D18-1 vehicle anti hiding robot, is a compact, small reconnaissance robot flat appearance, mainly for the narrow and low space (such as car, meeting place seat bottom) reconnaissance operations, can also be loaded with various sensor module on the target region detection. The robot driving wheel adopts the Mecanum wheel structure design, with the ability of translational motion in any direction angle, make the movement more flexible, more convenient operation.
Product features
The movement is flexible, the universal wheel structure is designed, and the translation ability of any direction angle is provided.
Small and flat, more suitable for the narrow, low space work.
High speed and high efficiency, it is especially suitable for rapid inspection of low area in large area.
High definition wide angle camera and equipped with pitching cloud platform.

                    Universal wheel structure                                                                         Controller
             Pitch camera; high brightness light                                            Light and small

application environment
Check the chassis of the vehicle.
Check the bottom of large containers, shelves and containers.
Check the bottom of the table and chair of the conference venue.
Inspection of other small and low space.

Technical indicators
Robot body parameters


Parameter index

Shape size


Car body net weight

7kgSpare battery

System power supply


Working hours


Electric quantity display


Camera module

420Line minitypeccdVideo camera

Camera lens

Not less than 140Wide range wide-angle lens


LED6Bright light

working temperature


Speed of motion

Arbitrary direction 07m/s,Stepless speed regulation, rotation60/s

Cloud platform pitching


Speed of cloud platform


Ability to cross barrier

8mm Small ground ups and downs

Climbing ability

10 Gentle slope road

Controller parameters


Parameter index

Body weight


Shape size


System power supply


Display screen

8800600 High brightness display

Handle handle

4 Bit continuous self recovery joystick

Working hours


Electric quantity display


Operating distance


transmission distance



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