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Fixed bottom scanning imagingJZ600-D10-1

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Product introduction 
 The chassis safety inspection imaging system JZ600-D10 vehicle is a set of automatic detection of vehicle and vehicle chassis for image acquisition, display, splicing, capture, image matching, automatic collection vehicle control, black list, vehicle license plate recognition system, vehicle security association as one of the image processing.
The system can effectively prevent the detainees from escaping from the AB gate prison, the detention center and the drug abstinence Institute (the main supply manufacturers of the national AB gate project). To prevent security weapons, bombs, car places of dangerous goods, dangerous and biochemical government agencies, military bases, airports, National Bank reservoir, warehousing, petrochemical depot, nuclear industry, station pier; prevent the vehicle carrying drugs and firearms and ammunition and other dangerous goods, illegal smuggling matter and suspicious persons through customs, border public security checkpoints, bayonet etc..

Leading advantage
Authority qualification:The country first passed: "national safety and warning system product quality inspection center" test enterprise. A number of national patents for invention
Unique function:
A vehicle with a full range of monitoring video capture and storage, vehicle automatic imaging to identify hidden objects characters, vehicles information matching, multi standard license plate recognition, automatic detection, automatic information display and broadcast traffic signal indication, witness information identification, full range of alarm, car license records associated display, gate roadblocks and counter-terrorism linkage control, black and white list automatic identification, all kinds of high, low chassis imaging, long car display mode switching and rich image processing functions, weight detection and number recognition, support life detector and vehicle X ray detection information integration





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