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Car bottom monitoring and photographing system JZ600-D5-1

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Nanjing suoan vehicle monitoring, the only "national security alarm system product quality inspection center" test Enterprises。

1、Product information

Production capacity: 5000 stations / year
Product brand: JZTECH (National Trademark Office registered trademark)
Product features: 3 million pixels, 5 million pixels, 4K, 8K cameras and appearance color customization
Product patent: the practical technology and new appearance patent of the registration of the State Intellectual Property Office
The JZ600-D series vehicle chassis safety inspection and monitoring camera system is a set of vehicle safety inspection management system, which integrates vehicle image acquisition, display, control, video recording and snapping. The system can effectively prevent car bombs, weapons, dangerous goods, dangerous and biochemical important places; to prevent the vehicle carrying drugs, illegal contraband and illegal immigrants through checkpoints, the product has high imaging definition, the system is stable and reliable, simple and quick installation characteristics etc..

Below: the site application map of the prison  

Below: site application diagram


(1) airports, governments, bank areas, embassies, ports, wharfs, stations, army, public security and other key places; the key parts of the car park entry; large scale meetings, sports meetings and other activities of vehicle entry and exit safety and anti-terrorism inspection;
(2) the customs and border inspection of the anti smuggling and anti smuggling inspection;
(3) check and escape from the entrance and exit of the prison, the Institute of labor and education, the detention center, the detoxification station and so on;
JZ600-D5 Structure topology of series products
(二)Introduction of front end of vehicle security inspection

1、Product characteristics
working voltage   AC24V/220AC
A high strength structure used in various places where conditions are bad or dangerous。
Auto focus / Auto ring / Auto backlight compensation for a million HD digital camera
Built-in omni-directional platform, adjustable limit switch
Built-in decoder, RS485 communication, and multiple control protocols
Strong metal components of military level, fully sealed structure, waterproof, corrosion prevention, shock proof, pressure prevention and condensation prevention
Manual and automatic lighting can be enabled at night
Built-in temperature detector, automatic control heater and fan
The original installation, suitable for ammunition, military bases, military electronics research institute and other military protection target, prisons, detention centers, labor camps, courts and other law enforcement units, a large exhibition hall, museum, the main channel and the bank and other financial fields or entrance, to inspect the vehicle and the other at the bottom the target of anti dive, prevent escape.

Indoor / outdoor use of waterproofing, corrosion prevention, shock proof and pressure prevention
Auxiliary lighting control: manual, automatic (light sensing)
2、Electrical index
input voltage      
Power requirements
Joint waterproof sealing sleeve (random supply)
Two phase induction motor, transient inversion
Limit switch each (cloud platform) 5A, internal adjustable
The construction of the military high quality metal plate, the double bottom steel plate is used for one-step die casting to form the vacuum interlayer. All the internal components have been treated by anti-corrosion, anti penetration, hot dip galvanizing, electrostatic spraying and so on.
Coating layer hot galvanizing, black polyester powder electrostatic spray layer, anticorrosion
Lighting and waterproof lamp, surface layer is rusty rigid structure, lamp tube is aluminum alloy material, lamp window is toughened glass
Indoor / outdoor environment
Temperature -23 C to 49 C
50KG transport weight of 60KG per unit weight

Car chassis real-time monitoring of auto video automatic capture

Multi version, optional matching license plate (personnel information entry, import and export comparison, black-and-white list and other functions)

Please contact us for project design (base design), factory project authorization, project cooperation and export cooperation
It is widely used in such important places as prisons, detention centers, detoxification stations, checkpoints, customs, airports, military bases, nuclear industry, embassies and governments.

4、Field application video


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