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Intelligent counter-terrorism roadblock JZ800-FK16-J4500

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Roadblock machine:JZ600-FK16-J4500   

Field application diagram

Hydraulic station

一、Roadblock product (type FK16-J4500) Introduction
1, the road block machine with Maojian and roadblock machine has a length of 4500mm (3500mm\4000mm\4500mm5000mm\5500mm and so on). The roadblock is increased to 450mm: it belongs to the turnover hydraulic barrier machine, and the road block machine is suitable for vehicle access passageway with a width of 5000 to 7000mm.
2. The main function of the roadblock is to control the traffic of road vehicles, to deterrent and prevent vehicles from passing through. The roadblock of our company can be used in conjunction with the gate control system, and it can be linked with our vehicle bottom scanning and vehicle bottom monitoring system, and it can also be used alone.
3, the roadblock machine is specialized for prisons, detention and rehabilitation and other regulatory sites tailored products, practicability, reliability and safety is high; the roadblock machine operation and maintenance is very simple, very durable, the market has received universal praise of customers.

二、Technical parameters of hydraulic roadblock
The barricade machine is composed of three parts, the main frame, the hydraulic station and the electric control, which can be customized according to the customers needs.
Main technical parameters:
1. System control: electrohydraulic
2, through pressure: the lowest passable vehicle 80 ton container car.
3, power supply: 220V/380 (control voltage 24V).
4, system power (W):2.2KW.
5, rising time: about 3S (adjustable).
6, down time: about 3S (adjustable).
7, working temperature: -25 C ~75 C (suitable).
8, storage environment: -10 C ~65 C, rain proof and moisture-proof and dustproof.
9, material: A3 steel 16mm thick, spray rust primer.
10, color: a variety of colors (optional)
11, body specification: the chassis is 4500 x width 1050 x high 760mm, rising height: 450mm (can be made according to the actual requirements)

三、Product features of our roadblock:
1, the structure is strong and durable, the load is large, the movement is smooth, and the noise is low.
2. With PLC control, the performance of the system is stable and reliable, and it is easy to integrate.
3, the road barrier machine and the road gate and other other equipment to carry out linkage control, and can also be combined with other control equipment to achieve automatic control.
4, in case of power failure or failure, for example, when a roadblock is in a rising state, it needs to fall down, and manually lift the lifting barrier plate to the horizontal position to allow the vehicle to pass.
5. Using the international leading low pressure hydraulic drive technology, the whole system is safe and stable.
6, remote control device: through the wireless remote control way, can be around 100 meters around the controller, the remote control of the rise and fall of the road station.

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