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Nanjing Sok An Electronic Co. Ltd.
The country arrived in 1-5 days and delivered the goods to the door. Select, railway, aviation Debon transportation.

Manager Zhao(prison, customs):tel:18913958947,QQ:2047272037,
Manager Ge(Airport, bayonet industry)tel:15805154708,QQ:2170509967,  
Manager Zhu(Other industries)15805177869,QQ:1612442518,  
Manager ZhangInternational sales and large customer channel cooperation15996303889,QQ:2733597378,

Technical support
Manager Chen:Tel:15996303889,QQ:2225695685,Email:2225695685@qq。com 
Manager Wang:Tel:15050553669,QQ:2186955293,

Manager Zhang
Manager Xu:Tel:15050555956,QQ:2388273449,

Laboratory:key state laboratories(No。 163 new computer software technology, Nanjing University Xianlin Avenue
Address: Binjiang square, No. 307, No. 307, Jiangdong North Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, China
Factory:China, Jiangsu, Phoenix famous city Economic Industrial Park, No. 39 (Comprehensive Department)A seat (small security equipment)、C seat (large security equipment)、F seat (logistics warehouse)

After-sale service telephone: 4000606518-1
Complaints Hotline:4000606518-2

National Sales Hotline:

There is a surprise to the public.!
Manager Zhao (prison, customs):18913958947 Manager Ge(Airport, bayonet industry):15805154708
Manager Zhu(Other industries):15805177869 The overall responsibility of Technology:Manager Zhang:15996303889

CopyRight:Nanjing Sok An Electronics Co.,Ltd  
TEL:400-0606-518 FAX:400-0606-518 - 0 ADDRESS:No. 307, 13F, Jiangdong North Road, Gulou District, Nanjing City
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